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Priverse NFT Marketplace is the world's first and largest private NFT marketplace built on Navcoin blockchain.

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Private NFTs

With NFTs gaining traction, we're seeing such incredible creativity blossom from the minds of artists, and collectors fighting to get their hands on new timeless art pieces. However, public blockchains have shown to leak NFT metadata at large scale (e.g. ownership information) for everyone to see on block explorers. With Navcoin's private NFTs, there's no longer cause for concern.

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You will need a wallet to create, sell and buy NFTs. Click to buton below to install Navcoin Wallet Chrome Extension.

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Go to our NFT creation page and quickly create your NFTs in your wallet by providing the necessary information.

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Join our discord server to share knowledge about NFT technology and meet other NFT creators.

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Feuriges Licht
Feuriges Licht#53

2022 Nice Art Vendor

Fire and light

BUY 666
Avatar 22
Avatar 22#22

Avatar Collection

BUY 900

2022 Nice Art Vendor

Dark flower

BUY 888

Avatar Collection

BUY 1200

2022 Nice Art Vendor


BUY 1234
Avatar 20
Avatar 20#20

Avatar Collection

BUY 1000

2022 Nice Art Vendor


BUY 1700
Avatar 27
Avatar 27#27

Avatar Collection

BUY 300