Private NFT Marketplace - Priverse

Discover, collect, And sell Private NFTs.

Welcome to a unique digital marketplace that facilitates the creation, buying and selling of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Navcoin blockchain.

Private Ownership On The Blockchain

Public blockchains have been shown to leak NFT metadata at large scale for everyone to see on block explorers. With Navcoin's private NFTs, there's no longer cause for concern. Private NFTs allow for private ownership and protect ownership visibility.

Get Started With Priverse

1. Set up your wallet

You’ll need a Nav wallet to help you create, buy and sell NFTs & Collections on the private blockchain.

2. Explore the NFTs

Explore the wide variety of unique collections and NFT artworks we have on the Marketplace.

3. Create and collect

Create and collect NFTs while staying completely anonymous. We don’t store user data.

Stay In The Loop

Stay in the loop with our newest feature releases, NFT drops, and tips and tricks for navigating Priverse.